What Is Shift e-LifeStyle?

You are the change

Shift e-LifeStyle is an entirely new approach to life and business that can make you happier, freer and richer. Right now, thousands of people around the world are adopting the principles of Shift e-LifeStyle and using it to spend more time with their families, to be healthier, to travel, and to do work they love, the way they want to do it.

But Shift e-LifeStyle goes beyond that. It’s also about changing our approach to our work-life-balance. It’s about embracing the promise of modern technology. It’s a movement and a cultural change and it’s very likely going to be instrumental in shaping the future.

Sound hyperbolic? Allow me to explain exactly what Shift e-LifeStyle is and why it’s so important…




Shift e-LifeStyle simply means that you are designing your lifestyle. It sounds simple and it sounds obvious but it’s something that most of us never do.

When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself what you wanted life to be like? What you wanted your daily routine to be like? And how you intended to get there?

If you’re like most people, then you will have fallen into a job (because you had no other option and that was what you were taught to do) and probably just kind of ‘survived’ until then. You’ll live within your means, you’ll work the hours you’re set and you’ll even probably have chosen where you want to live based on your work.

So right now, you have not chosen your life. You have no choice about where to live, you have no choice about how to spend the hours between 8am and 6pm (taking into account your commute) and you probably have a limited choice how you spend the rest of your time due to time and budget constraints.

Adding insult to injury, you are probably also an employee, which basically means you’re doing what someone else says and exchanging your time for money. As an employee, you’ll probably be given set work to do during the week and you’ll probably be reprimanded if you don’t do it in time. This is the part that I personally find hardest to stomach: you’ll be reprimanded.

Like a child.

You’ll also be told what you can and can’t wear and how you’re allowed to decorate your desk. And a lot of the rules will be petty and arbitrary.

Oh, and you also get into trouble for talking in most offices. Seriously, this couldn’t be farther from freedom. And it’s not just the hours you spend actually working that affect you either. Just as bad is the time that you lose out on at home. When you only have a few hours (and more importantly – very little energy) in order to do anything useful once you get home, it can make it very hard to spend the time you want to with your family, to spend time working out and getting into shape, to spend time outdoors. Even just to read that book or play that video game that you’ve been wanting to experience for a while now.

It’s so bad that we end up just looking forward to the time when we’re old enough to retire. You know something is wrong when we’re actively looking forward to being so old that we can’t move around properly without being in a lot of pain…