Viral SociMasters Review

See my Viral SociMasters Review to Uncover This Little-Known Viral Traffic Method That Drives Real Customers Through Your Customers Doors

In my Viral SociMasters Review, I will be going across this system, Built by Ivana Bosnjak & Alicia Little;

Viral SociMasters is Step by step method, with a PDF and over-the-shoulder videos, that can turn a newbie into a social media expert, landing them recurring local clients, through switching on FREE viral traffic by harnessing Facebook Events.


Viral SociMasters Review

Viral SociMasters Review

By acquiring Viral SociMasters you will have access to:

  • Over-the-shoulder videos that break down this entire process into easy-to-digest chunks.
  • Companion PDFs to the video series, to refresh your memory at-a-glance.
  • FB Event Generator – auto-create FB Viral Events in 12 of the most popular restaurant niches
Viral SociMasters Review

Viral SociMasters Review

Over Viral SociMasters, You’ll uncover:

  • FB Event Generator – auto-create FB Viral Events in 12 of the most popular restaurant niches.
  • How to target restaurants that are in desperate need of this service.
  • How to get clients without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • How to do ‘reporting’ to show your clients the impact of your service.
  • How to use the FB Event Generator to create Viral Events.
  • And much more…

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Viral SociMasters Review

Viral SociMasters Review

In this Viral SociMasters review, we are going to go over the member’s area

In the Viral SociMasters member’s area, we observed 7 standard modules and 3 bonus modules.

Module 1.                The Big Picture & The Impact.

  • How the recent emphasis on Facebook Local has made FB Events extremely viral.
  • How to exploit this new change, so restaurant owners will beg you to set up the FB event service for them.
  • How you can cash in by using this underutilized ‘Facebook Local’ knowledge to bring an avalanche of new customers to any restaurant you choose.

Module 2.                Different Ways To Get Paid.

  • Learn the sure-fire way of making sure your new clients happily pay you, each and every month.
  • How to add your new FB Events service to other packages to generate higher monthly retainers.
  • How to use your new FB Events service as a great foot in the door strategy to generate new local clients.

Module 3.                How To Get Clients.

  • Learn our easy, step by step strategies on how to get clients without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • How to get clients with just one simple email or Facebook Messenger message.
  • Insider tricks on how to close restaurant owners face-to-face, so they won’t let you leave until signing them up.

Module 4.                The FB Local App.

  • What is the Facebook Local app, and how to utilize it to easily generate free viral traffic for restaurants?
  • Step by step guide to listing your FB events so they are shown on Facebook Local app.
  • A little-known hack that allows you to use the Facebook Local app for client generation.

Module 5.                How To Run The Program.

  • How to manage the entire FB events program with a few rinse and repeat steps that take just minutes per week to complete.
  • Step by step setting up your first Facebook event.
  • Step by step Facebook Business Manager guide for complete technophobes.
  • Step by step on how to run ads to your Facebook Event.

Module 6.                Facebook Event Generator.

  • A step-by-step powerful software platform that auto-generates Facebook events for 12 of the most popular restaurant niches.
  • 4 ready-made events for each niche.

Module 7.                How To Show The Value to The Client.

  • How to demonstrate the powerful impact you are having on a client’s business, so they happily retain your services and keep paying every month.
  • Step by step instructions on how to ‘report’ your check-in results, so clients are always seriously impressed.
  • Full scripts on exactly what to cover, emphasize and highlight.


Bonus Module 1.                Ultimate FB Viral Events Outsourcing Plan.

  • In this bonus module, She’ll show you how She outsources out the entire service for around $5 per client.

Bonus Module 2.                Boost Viral Exposure By 20% With Eventbrite.

  • This bonus module will show you, step by step, how to easily integrate your FB Viral Events with Eventbrite.

Bonus Module 3. Viral Events Mastermind Group.

  • where you can ask questions when you get stuck, get practical answers, and never feel alone again.

Fine, we conclude with the member’s area, in which, you will find everything concerning to Viral SociMasters.

>>> UPGRADES <<<


Viral SociMasters Review

Viral SociMasters Review

By this Viral SociMasters, you have all the essential learning to accomplish the suggested earnings, as long as you put yourself in action.

An upgrade can facilitate you Improve these benefit.

Viral SociMasters have 3 upgrades and they are:

Upgrade 1.       Viral SociMaster Prospecting Package.

  • 3 videos with USA accent
  • 3 videos with UK accent


Done-for-you PowerPoint presentation to deliver to clients, or at local Chamber of Commerce meetings

Upgrade 2.       Viral SociMaster FB Event Generator.

  • An extra 4 events for each of the 12 most popular restaurant niches


Fully editable DFY flyers (for Canva) – one for each niche (12 flyers in total)

Upgrade 3.       Viral SociMasters Case Studies.

  • 3 case studies (Mexican, Seafood and Asian restaurants) where you can learn exactly how our students used FB events to flood businesses with customers, so you can show your potential clients the value and opportunity


Each of the above 3 case studies in video format, to showcase and give you instant credibility with new clients, or use as advertising tools on your website

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>>> BONUSES <<<


Viral SociMasters Review

Viral SociMasters Review


Bonus 1.            Local Internet Marketing Empire.

Make good money helping small businesses in your hometown!

Bonus 2.            WP Local Lander.

Perfect Local Biz Landing Page

Bonus 3.            FB Remarketing Decoded.

Step by step videos explain simply how you can do FB Remarketing

Bonus 4.            Surefire Local Launchpad.

How to Make Money by Offering Services to Local Biz!


Bonuses for my Viral SociMasters Review.

Too, I offer this incredible MEGA Bundle for my visits.

Special Bonus 1.             Local Biz Traffic Blueprint.

Your Guide to Helping Local Businesses Build Huge Traffic Online and Offline

Special Bonus 2.             Work At Home Time Management.

Even just reading a book on managing time is something that many business owners must make an appointment to do!

Special Bonus 3.             Get Motivated For Success.

How to Find and Increase Your Motivation For Success in All Areas of Your Life!

Special Bonus 4.             Turn FREE Viral FB Traffic And Makes $685 in 4 days! (Previous Deal of the Day)

Discover how to turn simple FB posts into PURE cash. The best part, done with 100% free traffic!


Exclusive Bonus 1.        Turn your Skills and Softwares into 6 Figures Recurring business.

A simple method anyone can use to turn your online skills and software into 6 figure recurring business. A simple business model that worked in 1999, in 2005, 2018  and it will work in the future too.

Exclusive Bonus 2.        Local Internet Marketing Empire.

“Generate A Job-Replacing Income By Doing Basic Online Marketing For Small Local Businesses In Your Hometown!”

Exclusive Bonus 3.        WP Local Lander.

“Create Unlimited Local Business Pages On The Fly – Add Photos, Leads, Quotes, Slide-Show, And Integrate With Yelp And Facebook, For Perfect Business Landing Pages Every Time!”

Exclusive Bonus 4.        Surefire Local Launchpad.

“10-Part Video Course That Shows You How To Make Money By Offering Services To Local Businesses, Stand Out From The Crowd And Never Compete With Anyone Else.”

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If the above were not enough.

Viral SociMasters Review

Viral SociMasters Review

You are protected with a 14-day money back guarantee

If you don’t land at least 1 client who will pay you a recurring monthly retainer to set up Viral Events for them on Facebook…

Or you’re simply not happy with your results… Just send She a quick email and you’ll get a fast refund.

The only way you lose, is by not getting your hands on Viral SociMasters, right now.

Get Viral SociMasters with no risk today, And Make Money as soon as you take action.




Thank You Very Much for Visting my “Viral SociMasters Review”.

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